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Default Re: What are you playing?

Originally Posted by Discy View Post
I think I know which part you're talking about, is it at the beach crash part? Anyway, if you plan to get a controller for PC gaming only, I'd recommend a wired 360 controller since they work natively and out of the box with almost any game released after 2006. There's no hassle with charging/batteries either. Also I really love the design, but that's subjective. You could get most other controllers (like PS3/4) to work as well, but it might be a bit more work.
Yes it was at the beach part, or just after, I believe.
It was sad, since the game was going so well until then. And, I couldnt even 'trainer' my way past that part either.

And, I tried an xbox controller, and it hurt my hands so bad, I never played a console since the original xbox. And thats way before I even began having pain issues, when I was still superman.
I thought the bigger controller wouldnt hurt as bad, and have tried the xbox and steam controller, but the xbox hurt bad and I couldnt controll with the steam controller.
Bar the issue of having to jiggle the ps3 one way or the other, depending on what buttons I need to use, the ps controller, although smaller, is the superior controller, for my hands.
I never would have thought so, but it 100x more comfortable than anything else I have tried.
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