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Default Re: Serious Sam HD FAQ

Originally Posted by NecroViolator View Post
1...Just curious, but is there a Demo of the game ???

2...IF you use more Cores on the CPU can you play on a slower speed ??? Example 4x1.6 ???
Added the question about the demo. I don't know about your second question, I'll check with Croteam.

Originally Posted by Alen Ladavac View Post
Actually, its F3&F4, not F1&F2. And you have to be in the menus for this to work.

And perhaps note that the in-game cheat menu is bound to "End".
Oops, thanks. I knew I should've checked that

Originally Posted by Gimli View Post
Fixed and fixed text formatting. Came out weird looking.
Thanks. It's because I emailed it to jasser, which added word wrap to the text.

Originally Posted by jasser View Post
Not my work. Spoon's work. Even says so on the first line . And yeah you can add to it, that's why the thread isn't locked.
Indeed. I was unable to access Seriously! at home for some reason, so jasser posted it for me.
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