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Default Re: Serious Sam HD FAQ

Originally Posted by Deathlink6.0 View Post
Just read that even the retail version of Serious Sam HD needs Steam.

That's sad. It is a reason for me not buy a game when it is released via an online platform but SSHD comes at least also on DVD which can be bought in a shop. I really like Serious Sam and I have three legal versions only of Serious Sam SE (Original, Gold and one from a game magazine). SSam was great for LANs and I played it very often with friends (Coop/Deathmatch/Splittscreen*) but with Steam it will be difficult to do that. You can't just give everyone a CD/DVD to put it into Disc-Drive and install. A lot of my mates don't want Steam and something like that.
Well, unless you violate the Terms of Use agreement, it's actually easier to install the game again on seperate computers from Steam, as you can download it off your account, which can be accessed anywhere.

You're not supposed to install one copy of a retail game on multiple computers at the same time, espicially not to play them together online.
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