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Default Re: Serious Sam HD FAQ

Originally Posted by jasser View Post
[list=1][*]How can I enable cheats?

To enable cheats, hold shift and press F3 F4 F3 F3 F4. This will unlock an option in the pause menu (bound to the End key), where you can find several cheats such as giveall, god mode, etc. To disable cheat mode, use the same key combo. To access the cheat menu, press the End key. Note that while cheat mode is enabled, no scores will be submitted to the leaderboards, and no achievements will be unlocked.

Under no circumstances should you use external cheats! Such as memory editors. The game actively detects these in different ways, and if you're caught cheating thus, there will be repercussions. So don't do it.
You also can do "cht_bEnable=1" in the console with the key " ˛ "
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