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Default Re: What Anime Are You Watching?

Originally Posted by AntonioR View Post
DBZ was good until Songoku killed Freeza,
Goku didn't kill Freiza. Trunks did.
And when Freiza was resurrected, Gohan killed him.

Originally Posted by AntonioR View Post
but later with Cell and that pink dude it just became repetitive. Some new guy comes along and they have to kill him... The whole series was about increasing power levels, intead of learning new battle techniques.
I always found its purpose a bit more thematic than either of those, but maybe I looked further in to it than the creator intended.

Originally Posted by AntonioR View Post
I liked original Dragon Ball much better. More interesting story, better animation, larger variety in characters and more interesting battles(tournaments) and techniques.
Disagree. If you can believe it, Dragonball was even more anime-cliche than DBZ was. Everything revolved around panties and old perverts, etc. Besides, my favorite characters (save Goku) weren't even in DB. They all came in after Z picked up.
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