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Default Re: What Anime Are You Watching?

YouTube Video: ANIME FIGHT!

I've been watching quite a few. I used to watch 'em non-stop! XD But I pulled out my old Ranma 1/2 collection to watch whilst I study. That's one of the most nostalgia inducing animes ever. I'm also watching all the DBZ episodes, I'm almost done with Majin-buu's Saga. Then it's onto DBGT (again) which I think is ok. After all, I'm in that one.

There's also this one about a zombie who lives with his necromancer in Japan who eventually meets this (dubbed "Magical Girl") girl who fights evil monsters created on the side by EVIL. Eventually she loses her power and the good ol' zombie boy has to take her place. (And wear her skimpy outfit as he does it.) Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? is the title.

Also LD - I LOVE Maken-ki. You are awesome for watching it.
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