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Default Re: Example Review for Serious Sam Maps

Additional Guidelines for Reviewing Maps

If you are new to reviewing maps, unfamiliar with the reviewing formula, or just don't really know how many points to give, here are some simple guidelines that you can follow that can assist you in your reviewing.

The guidelines contain a list of questions, explanations and possible scenarios. Note that you need not follow the rewarding points system suggested. They are just examples.

Gameplay (50%)
  • Combat
    • Enemy
      • Scripting (This includes Amount, Position and variation) 0~14
  • Were the enemies placed in unexpected positions?
  • Were the types of enemies varied?
  • Were there sufficient enemies?
  • Were the battles interesting?

As stated in the scripting portion, the number of enemies should be sufficient, positioned in a creative way, and include many different kinds of enemies.
  • If the battle waves were unique and you had never seen them before, +8 pts
  • If the types of enemies suited your current situation, +4 pts
  • If you were overwhelmed by a large amount of enemies in a small battle area, -7 pt
  • If you were able to spawn camp an enemy spawning location, -5 pts

  • Item Supply
    • Health & Armor 0~7
  • Were there health pickups around when you needed them?
  • Were there enough armor pickups to survive the next enemy wave?

A good map should have at least a few health pickups around in a big area, and 1 or 2 in a small area. If your health becomes critical (below 25), there should be a health pickup nearby. Armor pickups can also help players survive a big enemy wave.
  • If health and armor pickups were positioned where the player needed them (eg. after you survive a big enemy wave with 10HP left), +4 pts
  • If there were sufficient health and armors pickups, +3 pts
  • If there were no health pickups at all, award 0 pts
  • If there were no armor pickups at all, -2 pts
  • If you died because there were no health pickups in that area, -1 pts
  • If there were too many health and armor pickups so that it was too easy to beat a level, -3 pts

  • Item Supply
    • Weapons & Ammunition 0~7
  • Was there a variety of weapons?
  • Did the weapons provided suit the current situation?
  • Was ammunition given after each wave?

In Serious Sam, different weapons have different uses and unique capabilities. For instance, the rocket launcher is able to blast a group of harpies. There are also times when weapons are useless as well, like when using a flamethrower to kill a lava golem--this is the last thing that you want to try. Weapons also need ammo. If there are no ammo pickups provided, then the weapons are also useless.
  • If you were able to use a weapon efficiently to survive a battle after you picked it up, +2 pts
  • If the ammo pickups were positioned well and given at reasonable times, +2 pts
  • If a variety of weapons were available in the level, +2 pts
  • If the wrong weapons were given at the wrong time (eg. new level, you pick up a double shotgun and then a highlander spawned far away from you), -2 pts
  • If you were forced to struggle with only a pistol and knife throughout the whole level, -3 pts

  • Non-Combat
    • Exploration
      • Secrets & Rewards 0~4

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