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Default Re: Can I play as a Lion in Single Player???

Originally Posted by Pan View Post
Hide the mesh with H so that it's disappeared. Press A to select all, delete everything in there and then press ALT + H to bring the mesh back out from hiding. Then try to export it.
Well hey I was able to get it exported finally! Thank you! Excellent tutorial btw, Pan. It is very clear and easy to follow.

Serious Editor 2 seems slightly different however. I first tried opening the Denzel player model but it seems you can't delete any of the meshes in SS2 players. So now I am confused about the skeleton. I saved the skl file from Denzel and tried importing it to the lion, but it won't seem to import.

I'm lost now with SE2. I've searched google & these forums but have not found a tutorial specifically on making new player models for Serious Sam 2. Does anyone know where there is one?
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