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Default Re: The DOOMed Thread

Originally Posted by Solais View Post
Not many thoughts yet as they showed us nothing yet, but if Wolfenstein: The New Order is any indication, it will be well made.
You truffin baby!

But, if they use the MegaTexture tech, it will kill the game.
If they go too consolish, it will blow.
If they try to make it too 'newer fps' it will blow.

The only way they can make it well, would be to go back to old school style gameplay, without the 'oh, I passed an invisible line, with a nook behind me that spawned a monster' style, that killed a lot of Doom 3 for almost everyone.

Wolfenstein: The New Order was no small step, but a giant leap for the series.
As long as they dont try to 'inject' or 'change' anything, like they did with The New Blood....
Why do developers and/or publishers INSIST that they change everything or add new crap to a game that is perfect? That was both criitically acclaimed by both users and the press? It almost always blows up in their faces.

Doom 4 will HAVE to follow in Wolfenstein: The New Order's footsteps to be a success (and maybe thats why they canned the older version? We can only hope...).
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