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Default Re: Weapon scripting?

Originally Posted by NSKuber View Post
Wouldn't it be enough to just change cannonball damage parameters (direct and explosion damage) for this effect? No scripting needed.
Or do you want the cannonball to "explode" when it pierces smaller enemies?

World scripts is when you make a script and save the .lua file to /Content/SeriousSam3/Scripts/CustomWorldScripts/ directory. This script will be automatically executed whenever a new level is loaded, you don't need to put a script entity anywhere.
Continuously exploding but otherwise behaving the same as the Cannon is the main feature of the weapon though.

What do I need to do to connect the weapons and the codes together in the script? I've messed around a little bit in official levels before to change some model animations and enemy health, but nothing significant like coding cannonball explosion behavior. I still don't know things like the syntax and the variables or whatever you call it.
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