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Default Re: Rakanishu's Showcase

Hello guys!
I'm posting here to update what's coming soon... Or not soon. It's maybe very early to post something but it's been a long time I didn't post here and I missed it a little since I'm learning and working in electronics.

Several projects have been started at the moment :
  • Manhunt 2017 Competition
  • Astrophotography and Timelapses learning
  • Personnal maps in progress (Sadly, my Egypt and Space packs are paused because I estimate those projects as more important and more surprising
  • Serious Tournament Mod maps contributor (more to come soon)
  • As a developer of Revolution, I can't reveal anything but we are working on upcoming stuff
  • Coding, modeling and modding learning for a future big project (my biggest one at the moment)
  • Developping myself in the Hip Hop discipline : Human Beatbox since I practise it for about 5 years already

The first post of my showcase will probably be entierely edited around March.

2018 is a New year full of projects. I will release some of these this year, but the biggest one will requier lots of determination, time, patiente, and especially learning. i'm motivated and I believe in myself. Hoping that I'll share my projects with you

A bit late for that but...happy New year to everyone.
Love and respect for all of you
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