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Default Can I play as a Lion in Single Player???

I've been in college for the past couple years but now I'm finally back and re-diving into Serious Sam editing/modding again. (in case it seems rude I didn't log into these forums for so long)

What I am trying to do in Serious Editor 2 is find a way to replace the default Sam player model in single player with a lion-headed character, complete with new growling sounds when he gets hit, new speech, jump & and footstep sounds. I already have spliced together a lion-anthro in blender using XNA Lara models I found around the internet (lion head, human body)

Is this possible? I'm pretty lost right now, trying to figure out how to do it.

In Serious Editor 2, I opened up the default Sam model, but can't figure out how to export it into amf format, or edit in mesh editor or import a new mesh of the lion head. The help says Ctr + E, but that doesn't do anything.

for now I just want to put a lion head on Sam's body, just as an experiment. It would be awesome to play through the game as a lionman
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