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Default Re: Can I play as a Lion in Single Player???

You cannot edit/export the Serious Sam mesh in SS2 or SSHD, however, there's a not-so practical way to put the lionhead you want into Sam's body.

Make a new model document and import your lion mesh there, cut everything but the head, press Q and align it so that its in the coordinates 0 X, 0 Y, 0 Z texture it up and save it. Now open the Serious Sam model and go under the option Children Holder and click on the yellow "+" to make a new children holder, make sure you select as "target bone" the "Head" bone or the head will just float around and not move at all and then go under Model Instance, go to Model and select your Lion Head model, move your lion head around until you get it right on Sam's head (however you can't remove Sam's head).

But if you want to use the model you rigged by yourself, you can always take a look at Pan's tutorial on how to import player models into Serious Sam games, should work in SS2 too

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