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Default Re: Super S! Kart (Mario Kart Map Pack)

Hmm, I should check this place more often, how did I miss this x3

Car Name: Mod Mobille
Colour: Grey as a base color, blue, and the yellow from SedIT's color scheme (IAMGE)
Car Number: Which ever's free, ... some cool number...
Sponsor: (this is on the side of the car right?) if so, try to blend this in there IMAGE
Sponsor 2: SedIT
Pictures on display screen: I don't know D: Sed's start up screen and my S! avatar would do
Type of font used on car: Something bold
Tyre decals: Paw logo what else ... Unless it doesn't fit, I can't really tell, if it can't work, use the default ones
Special Additions: (things you want in the seats or in the back of the kart)
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