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Default Re: Serious Sam Next Encounter best game ?

I wouldn't call it the best game, it had many obvious flaws. However it had just SO MANY really really AWESOME ideas that should be inherited by the other games, it is incredible. The levels are kinda bland, but the settings are cool, and there are a lot of cool ideas. Also the last episode, it's one of the best locations in any SS game. Tower of Confusion - one of the best levels in the SS series. It is not the best game, but it is near the top definitely.

SS1/SSHD is the best imo, because I count both TFE and TSE as one; if I do that, then some of your - quite valid - points become moot.

But yeah, NE is a very good game, it has its flaws, some because of the limitations of the console, but it also had very good ideas, Atlantis and the Alternative Ammo being my favorites.
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