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Default Why dedicated server isn't listed?

When I run (from the Bin folder, on Windows):

Sam3_DedicatedServer.exe +gamemode TeamSurvival +level Content/SeriousSam3/Levels/Z5_Other/SV_Canyon.wld +sessionname "ALL CANYON, ALL THE TIME" +maxplayers 8 +minplayers 1
and then use the in-game server list, I only see my game listed as a LAN game (with a LAN icon), and not doubly listed as a normal Internet server, which others have mentioned is what I should be expecting (though if this is incorrect then please let me know—I asked this specific question elsewhere. I can confirm that my router is forwarding port 27016 (both TCP and UDP) to this host.

FWIW, I believe servers I start in-game are visible to others since people occasionally join them.
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