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Default Re: Serious Sam Forever Motherload

Great, thanks for Releasing the SSForever Campaign Maps & all Resources.

Unfortunately i can't open maps/.wld files in SED2, cause of

Personally i was a diisapointed that you put the SSF Demo .exe inside the released .zip

The Multiplayer Menu in SS2 vers. 2.070 has the option to choose a COOP Local Network game

Select Menu Multiplayer, select Local Network, press Enter in Profile selection, then press F2 and select map

I do not want the whole cake, i'm just interest at the campaign maps to walk & (play around with cheats offline ofc) around in them like inside the ported TechTest map from SSC

Is it possible , somehow, to provide such an experience with Original SS2?

If you think i used pirated games, cracking, programming = not trust me; i offer 1moderator/admin 1 TeamViewer check in Realtime for 10 minutes at my pc.

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