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Originally Posted by Solais View Post
Actually, I wonder if I came out a little creepy. We were talking about the music of the games, and design related to that, and I mentioned that I think the games could use some "recurring tunes", called leitmotifs. And I mentioned that imo the TFE Intro music could be a leitmotif. And he was like "Which one was that? I made so much music I can't recall them all." So I took out my phone and said "Well, I do have the soundtrack of all SS and Talos on my phone...".
Yes. Just a little creepy. Though if I met Damjan in real life I'd totally geek out and offer him a blowjob or something. And I'm straight.

And I agree about the leitmotif. The Sam3 soundtrack felt lacking in that regard, and it also felt a bit rushed. We'll chalk that down to Damjan not working on the soundtrack from the start, because we know his abilities are godlike.
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