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Exclamation Editing of position of the camera in Z axis in SSHD - Serious Editor 3.0 (TPP Camera)

Hello everyone!

I found a mod for SSHD that zooms camera view in TPP and FPP mode (less fov)

This mod give just zoom in camera view (less fov - more zoom), but WITHOUT anything changes of position of this camera
When I want to zoom in camera very close to Sam, field of view is just stupid low....... (30-45 fov).

And here is my question:
I was wondering if it is possible to change the TPP camera position in Z axis (In SSHD - Serious Editor 3.0, single player mode).
Can anyone tell me where can I edit this? If its possible ofc.

I found method to change camera position in Z axis, but this method incorrectly moves camera, see below.

Things what I know:

- Zoom camera view:
Changing (decrease) fov in: "Field of View (FOV)" > "Player params" in GlobalGameParameters.rsc (Content/SeriousSamHD/Databases/)

- Raise or lower camera position (Y axis):
Method A:
Changing (decrease - e.g. from original "0" to "-0.70") position of camera in Y axis in: "Camera origin offset" > "Operating parameters" in PlayerPuppet.ep (Content/SeriousSamHD/Databases/EntityParams/)
Method B:
Changing (decrease - e.g. from original "1.9" to "1.3") position of camera in Y axis in: "y" > "I am looking from" > "Body" in PlayerPuppet.ep (Content/SeriousSamHD/Databases/EntityParams/)

- Experimental change of camera view in Z axis (incorrectly displacement effects!):
Changing (decrease - e.g. from original "0" to "-4.5") position of camera in Z axis in: "z" > "I am looking from" > "Body" in PlayerPuppet.ep (Content/SeriousSamHD/Databases/EntityParams/)
This method incorrectly moves camera with displacement of crosshair... Just try it and see it... (or watch my vid below) something cool effects with camera appeared with this change when You run diagonally (like a drifts in some racing games; NFS: Nitro or Burnout Revenge), but some bugs appeared too with camera and collision (especially in FPP mode)
and this is NOT what I want.
Here is my vid, that shows these bugs/effects:

- Another method: Can anyone tell me is there another method to correct displacement, WITHOUT this weird effect? I beg........

I upload four pictures for explain:
1. (ORG) Original really far camera
2. (MOD) Near camera modded by this mod from link (65 fov)
3. (MY EDIT) My edit of this mod (45 fov PLUS -0.70 in Camera origin offset line)
4. (PERFECT) Ideal camera view what I want to recreate (Wall behind the camera push cam near char PLUS original fov - the only way without editing to close camera with good fov)
And gif for compare this extra small screen view with 45 fov VS. original fov.

- My edit (3) is so so, but this STUPID extra-narrow fov just kills me -___- remids me a views in 3d modelling program or some like that....

- Picture with last view (4) have great fov and camera is close to the character. Just perfect Action/Adventure TPP view what I want to recreate in my mod.
Compare pictures 3 and 4.

When this Z axis code line doesn't exist in files/impossible to modify/create i have some idea...
- In Model editor import/open player model what You use in game.
- Create large box or flat surface (probably far behind player model) with collision surface. (Simple wall)
- This box/plane have rigid position, just kept rigidly behind by character, without joined any animations from player model, just levitating behind player far away.
- And now.. When level is loaded and game is started by pressed "Continue" button, this object will be slowly come and stops near to player model (just primitive animation in Z axis goes closely to player model) This simple wall with animation should be push camera near to character. I think so.. Absolutely the same as the picture number 4.

This is my alternative way/vision to close camera with good fov, but is it possible to implement???

Please, help me with this Z axis... Really..
Maybe someone from Croteam knows something about this?...

Best regards.
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