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Default Re: Sacred Yards undocumented secret

Hahaha, yeah right, it's been months since I made a post like that, you've been away too long. Not that the SS1 Alpha even counts, that just happens to be the thing I've been researching lately. So no burn there bro.

Anyway, it seems Croteam did not forget about this secret: They deactivated it themselves. It is in SSHD, the teleport have been moved to a more visible location, it also has the same teleport model that is shaped like a galaxy, and when the teleport is triggered, it displays "Geek-teleport activated!" message. However, when the door opens, there is a visibility bug that is well known problem (at least for me) that comes with using SS1 Moving Brushes and Dynamic Visibility Portals in SSHD. This bug is caused by the fact that only one side of the door opens (some people actually seen this bug surfacing in the Beast DLC). After fiddling around with its triggers, I've discovered that this bug seemingly was disabled intentionally. (Aka, the whole sequence is there, but the trigger itself is not triggered that would trigger the sequence).
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