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Default Re: Pan's Hidden Castle
The Feast is my upcoming Tournament map set for Serious Sam HD and BFE!

The Fold (2v2 Tournament or 3v3 Tournament)

The Wolves Den is the best tournament arena for fledgling fighters. Everyone starts with the same load out on engagement in The Wolves Den. 100% Symmetrical apart from the flags. Plenty of locations to shoot from with 3 lanes, one through the middle and left and right. The key to victory is pot shots through the gaps in barricades. But there's plenty of locations to hide and flank an unsuspecting competitor.

The Feasting Grounds (4v4 Tournament)

The Feasting Grounds is the bigger arena. It'll feature roles with load outs chosen by each player at spawn before being spawned in each round. Will also have melee only arenas on the same basis or a map type where everyone has the same load out. Exciting! More on this as development continues.
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