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Default Re: Steam Public Beta Signup & Feedback

Originally Posted by Discy View Post
That's the mapper's fault. Vorbis (ogg) and MP3 are "compressed" file formats, and Serious Engine 1 has problems decoding compressed audio files that are again compressed by a gro file, so it won't play.

In short: some dumbass compressed mp3 and ogg files in a gro file while they should be saved without compression. You could extract the gro file to your Sam dir (makes uninstalling harder), or you could extract it somewhere else, re-archive it yourself without compression (don't forget to rename extension to gro) and it'll work dandy.
Discy, I did the above suggestions; however, when I played one of the custom maps, I opened up the console and it said the same said message. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right or wrong.
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