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Originally Posted by Louva-Deus View Post
Sorry man. That's because SSF isn't a normal mod. You have to launch it from the Start Menu. The launcher automatically moves files to the right place and then runs the game. If we didn't do it this way, you wouldn't be able to play the original game or any other mods while SSF was installed.

I actually had to end the event early because the server is broken. Will reschedule when we get that fixed.
Thanks . I finally figured it out minutes ago from someone else who had posted screen shots of his issue and I went looking for the files he was showing and found the launcher buried . I understand why you did what you did but a little heads up would have been nice. Got the game to come up but as you said no games available and it's only MP something I couldn't care less about.

Reading the FB post earlier this week announcing this event it led many people to believe, myself included that the SP would be available as well but it's not. Not interested in yet another MP games. MP isn't my thing. So yall have at it and have a good time. Just wish I had know this before hand so I didn't waste time and bandwidth trying to get this to run.
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