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Default Submit Bug/Glitch Reports Here

For graphic/audio problems check this thread:

If you can recognize one or more Bugs listed here please do a quick reply so I can move the Bug to "Confirmed Bugs"

Fixed Bugs
  • "No Servers showing up in the server browser"
  • Massive Framerate when receiving "Netricsa Mails". Crash when reading them.
  • One of the creatures is accidently making the idle chainsaw sound.
    Actually the beheaded guys are using a chainsaw as secondary attack, so this sound is not a bug

Confirmed Bugs
  • The green beheaded guy has an inaccurate description. His head is not in his hand.
    Posted by: ChrisW ; Confirmed by: SirChris
  • When entering the "Moon Mountains" Nestrica says you have to be careful because you are the only one. (German Translation is wrong)
    Correct Text: Wir sind NICHT die Einzigen hier

    Posted by: SirChris ; Confirmed by: Firejuno
  • Key Configuration still includes "Sniper Zoom"
    Posted by: Luminary Janitor ; Confirmed by: Firejuno
  • "Serious Sam HD has stopped working" after finishing a Coop.
    Posted by: |LE|Suicidal ; Confirmed by: LZyMN

Unconfirmed Bugs
  • Flame Fuel / Sniper Bullets appear in the HUD
    Posted by: Luminary Janitor ; Confirmed by:

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