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Default Re: Worms 2: Armageddon

...worms 2 armageddon cost the same as regular 3d game?

didn't mean it as WTF, more like why are they priced the same as a full on blown 3-4yr long to make that 3d game...the 2d games.

cause i still don't get it, i know it takes hard work to make a game on both and all genres.

but just seems confusing to me, cause ...well just confusing.

cause wasn't like 3d the next step for gaming?

but either way i like 2d games, and marvel at the games with great graphics.
too bad we sold the xbox 360,lol.

but i still enjoy 2d games on pc.

...should've thought out this more, would have come more neat,lol.
GMT-8 ...well...o well,lol.

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