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Default Super S! Kart Mapping Competition!
That's right! I'm hosting a competition for Seriously! forums and the 7Smoke group to take part in. This time around it's a very simple map making competition for the Serious Sam HD racing mod "Super Seriously! Kart". If editing isn't up to your speed, don't fret! Enough interest has been shown in a secondary tournament - The 7Smoke Cup. Which will take place after the 22nd of October at some time. So stay tuned.

The Basics:
You must make a track following a set of rules and guidelines that other players can race on. It can be any style of track, be it a simple race to the finish or a track that loops to do multiple laps. Your track will be judged by 2 anonymous judges and myself and given a placing amongst the other tracks submitted. Depending on the amount of entrants, there will be more prizes. You may start work on your map whenever you feel like as long as you sign up first!

Your track must be packed in a .gro and sent to me before the 22nd of October 2015. That's 3 weeks as of the 1/10/2015. You can send in your track at any time before then or on the day.

The Prizes:
At this current time and not knowing how many people will enter, the current prizes are...
1st Place: A copy of Grand Theft Auto V on Steam (or any game of same price @ $79.99)
2nd Place: $25 Game or Item of your choosing
3rd Place: $20 Game or Item of your choosing

The Guidelines:
An allocated amount of time to complete a track that must adhere to the following track qualities:
- Be made in SED3 using the built in vehicles of S! Kart
- Bikes or Cars or both must be usable.
- All Karts or Bikes of each type must be included. No undercutting the amount of vehicles.
- The track must be original. Ported assets are fine but make it your own design. I won't take an edited Luigi Circuit for example.
- It can be a race to the finish or a multi-lap style track.
(Race to the Finish means it's one long stretch from start to end with no loop.)
- It must allow a minimum of 8 players to race on it.
- Battle Arenas will not be accepted.
- Tracks that are pure racing are fine, you do not need to include weapons in your track.

If you have a problem understanding the rules or how S! Kart is set up, contact me on Steam or go to the 7smoke chatroom where I may be idling and I'll lend you a hand. Again, you may start work as soon as you sign up here. Feel free to share your work with others or talk about it freely. It's your choice what you do. Upon completion of your race track and having sent it to me you may, if you so wish, play it with me. Point out things of interest or things you're proud of that I can relay to the other 2 judges to help in your scoring. Sell your track to us!

- Serious Sam: HD (Both Encounters)
- The mod files on Steam Workshop available @ The Steam Workshop
- Serious Editor 3

- Mauritsio
- Noam 2000
- Sly7745
- Thanadrax
- NicePixel_
- Mischievous
- Finzy

Sign up here or at the 7smoke Competition Thread
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