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Default Re: Super S! Kart Mapping Competition!


The contests brought a lot more to the table and I am really impressed by everyones contributions to the contest. Remember, if you don't win don't be upset. You can always try and enter the 7Smoke Cup! I loved all the maps when we tried them and I'm glad this competition happened. Without further ado here's how the entries did on a pros and cons side.

Mischievous's "Again A Mile"
+ Great lengthy track, very bendy and authentic.
+ Variety in locations, the caves and the large bendy turn with added ambience was great.
+ It's fun to drive and see others going around a place you just passed through.
+ Nice jumps without a lot of opportunities to get flipped over.
+ Requires skill
+ Boost pads

- Only 1 musical track that doesn't fit the race as it plays.
- Some sections are a tight fit for more than 2 people.
- Uninteresting spawn point
Finzy's "Lake Rally"
+ Nice looking lake
+ Cute ads on the outside, for an actual rally feel
+ Crowd
+ Music is fun
+ Interesting crates for item spawns. 

- Not a whole lot of danger 
- Bike Spawns can be hectic
Noam's "Flooded Swamp"
+ Beautiful environment and ambience
+ Spawn is unique, cloth entity is nice
+ Nice music choice
+ Animated textures on the track are charming
+ Pretty starting line

- Hard to see in Spawn
- Disjoint from the track and the environment it's in, artistic styles clash. 
- Interesting at the start but loses threats and becomes simple afterward.
NicePixels "Grid"
+ Amazing variety and choose your own route selections
+ Checkpoints due to long length
+ Many traps of unique design
+ Artistic style is nice and different.
+ Nice decorations, although simple looking, around the map.
+ Interesting spawn and race starting line

- Music is too painfully short considering the tracks length
- Weapons are difficult to get to 
- Not friendly to large amounts of people in the same sections
- Bit of a lack of colour variety
Mauritsio's "WarpGate Worlds"
+ 3 tracks in one, played by roulette
+ Each one is incredibly unique in style
+ Approach it any way you want with weapons and traps in each
+ Various length on each track
+ Incredible variety in difficulty for each track
+ Clever use of enemies as obstacles. 
+ Very nice spawn

- Roulette means you can't choose which one you want in particular ever
- Persian track has unforgiving parkour with cars in multiplayer
- Persian gets somewhat hectic beyond belief in some sections. But somewhat acceptable due to being the "hard" track.
It took a lot of talking through to find out who should come in each place. 1st and 2nd was especially difficult. But here are the winners.

FIRST PLACE PRIZE: Mischievous Miscreant's "Again A Mile"
SECOND PLACE PRIZE: Mauritsios "WarpGate Worlds"
THIRD PLACE PRIZE: NicePixels "Grid"

Congratulations! Contact me on Steam to get your prizes. Thank to all for entering ,if you didn't win I'm sorry. But that's the way competitions are. These tracks will be released on the Steam Workshop as soon as I get permission from all the authors to combine them into one item. If they wish to patch it at any point they can, I don't mind.
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