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Default Re: Random game talk

I got the answer to how to make it work from a guy named Ransom on the steam forums.
It seems that if you didnt play it for a while, there was a mistake in the update where it didnt delete old files, and when you launch it, it tries to launch the old files (which SHOULD have been deleted, but werent), instead of the new ones.
I did his fix, verified files through steam, it found 4 and downloaded them, and then I was able to play perfectly fine after that.

Here is the link to where the fix is:

All credit to Ransom.

Quote here (I wil put steps 1. 2. 3. , and some other useful info, he is kinda hard to understand, the rest is his):
1. ok then have a look at this pictures
2. delete all on the pictures marked files from BOTH folders (delete the highlighted ones)
3. then verify integrity of local game cache files (again) (verify integrity of files through steam, right click on Doom Play button, or in the list, click properties, go to local files, click Verify Integrity of Files. This is important, if you forget, you will not be able to log into the main menu until you verify files, BUT you WILL be able to launch the game, and click SP, and play, it just wont show the REAL main ui)
4. ...and u should be fine again

Also, I dont know if it helped, but I had JUST installed Wolfenstein 2, and maybe the new Bethesda Launcher helped a bit? Maybe try updating the Launcher from the Bethesda site beofre doing the file integrity check.

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