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Yeah, I liked the Alpha better.
I still really like the game, but the old characters are useless now basically.
They sped up the 0g, but not the non-0g, which is wrong. Alpha had 0g perfect, but non-0g needed a boost, or characters all needed speed boosters. But now its slow as ever in non-0g and fast as F in 0g, which I dont mind the 0g, but hard to hit people now and way too much backdraft? Whats it called? Shooting in 0g makes you go backwards 10x the speed as before, making it not very fun to play in anymore.
I do like the new characters, but dislike they made the old ones slow as F and cant keep up gameplay wise now.

As for ui, they said in the known issues that the ui was WAY under construction still, and was very buggy.
Also, sometimes games get slow, and you have to leave the whole game, and then relaunch it.
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