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Default Re: 10 years in the making: My gift to all of you.

Originally Posted by Discy View Post
Interesting, I'll check the downloads out later to see if imma ban you. Not really, you won't have to fear getting banned over good intentions. What is actually in those archives?

Also, congrats on sticking around for ten years. Here's to ten more. My 13th is coming up in one month exactly.
Thanks man!
The 4 achieves contain my Serious Sam the Second Encounter folder, you have to get all 4 to extract the contents, I had to do it this way due to space constraints.

This is my 3rd attempt at creating this archive, since the first 2 where too big to upload, so I split it into 4, opposed to less (4shared has a 2GB file upload limit)
It's been an honor to be have been part of this site for so long
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