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Default Re: GOG Connect launched - add Steam games to GOG library for free

Ah, that makes sense.
I had my profile closed forever, until gog connect, and had it unlocked for a long while because I forgot to close it again, then closee it, then opened it later for a contest, and forgot to close it again.
I closed it again when I realised it was still open when people were asking why I didnt have any time in most of my games (really, people just peruse everones shite, because why? They are curious, or because they can, or because they are asshats?). Anyway, I closed it then, and a few people got mad because I closed it and they couldnt see my games and stuff anymore. Even my best friend asked why some games were almost no time, and I had to explain I have had steam on what, 10, 15 machines since I started using steam, and they didnt have all this collection, and you could opt out, and then early when you would reinstall a game from cd it would reset time, and then gog came along and drm free was better than having to launch steam then wait for updates, then launch the game. Not to mention all those humble deals where you get a billion free games you try and they crash, or you immediately know you dislike the game.
Anyway, I 'think' mine is private now, but who knows.
If people keep posting in here about connect games, maybe I will have to unprivate games again for a day for it to update.
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