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Default Re: Serious Sam 3 Info (Last Update - 10.17.2011)

*** List of Updates ***
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This is a list of updates, to make it easier for people to see what was added/changed with any given updated. The newest updates will be at the top of this post, so you can find them easily.

December 16, 2011: Added reviews by GameSpot, Just Push Start, Blast Magazine and RipTen.
December 8, 2011: Added interview by GamerDork. Added reviews by GamerDork, GamerLive and VideGameWriters.
December 6, 2011: Added Color Scheme Option and Blood Options promos to videos. Added Interview by Escapist. Added reviews by Neowin, Co-Optimus, IGN, GamesRadar, Examiner, Andy Plays Games, HardwareHeaven, Joystiq, In-Game, Ars Technica and Escapist.
December 1, 2011: Added reviews by GameFront, 1UP, ZTGD, IncGamers and G4tv. Updated list of enemies. Updated release date for consoles.
November 29, 2011: Added reviews by Slipgate Central, GameSpy and Metro.
November 28, 2011: Added review by AusGamers.
November 27, 2011: Added Release Trailer and Fork Parker trailer to Videos. Added Reviews by GameInformer, Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, Dealspwn, DeltaGamer, DIYGamer, Bit-gamer, PC Advisor, Destructoid, Cheat Code Central and Neoseeker.
November 16, 2011: Added Blood & Gore Trailer to videos. Added GamesweltTV video preview.
November 15, 2011: Added GameFront interview.
November 5, 2011: Added Melee Trailer to videos.
October 29, 2011: Added round 3 preview by Dealspwn.
October 28, 2011: Added Weapons Trailer to videos.
October 27, 2011: Added round 3 previews by GamingBolt, Strategy Informer, TheSixthAxis, Thirteen1 and GamingUnion. Updated weapons.
October 17, 2011: Added round 3 previews by God is a Geek, GameSpy, IGN, Brutal Gamer and Plughead. Added Gameplay Demo (GameSpot) to videos.
October 4, 2011: Added Steam Addicts interview. Added Destructoid preview. Updated release date info.
September 21, 2011: Added Interview by Ars technica.
September 20, 2011: Added Help Line - Episode 3 to videos.
September 18, 2011: Added previews by Electronic Theatre, Gaming Nexus, GamingOgre, Plughead and Hooked Gamers.
September 12, 2011: Added Help Line - Episode 2 to videos.
September 10, 2011: Added preview by Electronic Theatre.
September 1, 2011: Added preview by Strategy Informer. Added Help Line - Episode 1 to videos.
August 30, 2011: Added preview by IncGamers.
August 28, 2011: Added preview by RipTen.
August 26, 2011: Updated system requirements, price and release date. Added interview by nvidia. Added serious chaos trailer to videos. Added second round previews by Co-optimus, Gameshark, Bitgamer, MTV, GamesRadar, GameStar, IGN, GameSpot and Giant Bomb.
August 16, 2011: Added information about 3rd person view to gameplay mechanics and projected ATI hardware to system requirements.
August 15, 2011: Added hands on previews by NoFrag and Machinima.
August 14, 2011: Added information about splitscreen to multiplayer section and information about game length. Added system requirements. Added interviews by FPSGuru and Blistered Thumbs. Added hands on previews by rock, paper, shotgun and by ars technica.
July 17, 2011: Updated information about release platforms, what will be included on release, and news about the SDK.
July 8, 2011: Added Screams of Glory promo video. Added Interview.
July 6, 2011: Added link to List of Updates on top of first post. Added Spong review and discussion thread.

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