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Default Re: NOT SERIOUS SAM 4 - Immortal Redneck

Meanwhile, I'm surprised You guys considered this[1] being a mockery

I should also mention that all I know about Total Biscuit is "some guy on youtube", "got colon cancer"[2], "many people hate[3] him for some reason" and now, by extrapolating from the fact there's a video by him about a video game posted here, I suppose it's also "makes video game related stuff on youtube, among any other kinds of videos, if any".

And I don't suppose
Total "Some Youtube Guy" Biscuit
would have sounded any better, while there was not much else to choose from

Either way, I see how things like "colon cancer" can be a sensitive topic, so I am sorry for causing this misunderstanding and possibly making some people feel bad, if any.

–sincerely, lib "Slowly losing fine motors skills and the ability to walk due to a genetic neurodegenerative disease"

[1] unlike with TotalBiscuit, I know tad lot about Jim Sterling and that one about him was in fact, mockery. Sorry 'bout that, Jim.
[2] The only reason I know about that to begin with is because T-Rex posted about it on random thoughts a while back, lol.
[3] Not me, though: I don't hate the guy nor I even have any opinion about him, due to knowing jack sh** about the guy.
it just werx, fam.
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