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Good time to bump this thread. My first map, Mountain Madness, is now on Seriously!

Don't forget to vote if you've got some spare time. The first vote I got was 10. I thought it'd be much worse.

And, even better news; I've nearly finished working on the "The Banishment" Neverwinter Nights module. All that is left is to do a final run through the game myself, and check that all goes well

Plus, I have an idea for my next SS2 map. It's a completely sick, twisted idea. I don't know should I complete the Mwidgo Mappack or start working on a new map.

Basically, the idea I had was this; Netricsa malfunctions and Sam gets stuck inside his own mind. It's a really wacky map with lots of weird things. Sam needs to get out of his own mind and figure out how to fix Nettie. Along the way everything is maximised- you are in the same size as an ant, like in the Land of the Giants level. The map starts in a gigantic bathroom and later expands to weirder things, as Sam gets smaller and smaller. Of course his mind is populated with enemies and bad memories as well

I got that "walking inside people's minds" idea from a game called Psychonauts, and I thought it'd be interesting to see how it would fit in SS2....the game is very colorful already so it shouldn't be a problem to create strange environments.
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