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Default Re: Scrapped Serious Sam stuff and beta info

Some things:

1. It seems likely that "In the Flesh" went from the dream-based idea to the Egypt-based game we all know and love while keeping the name. The FE/SE SDK shows that a significant amount of Egypt models were made in late 1998, back when FE was still "In the Flesh". The post from Croteam about FE's content in In the Flesh could be when it was still about dreams, or when it was morphed into being about Egypt and space. Unless more context is given (like a design doc being released or another post explaining it), then it's impossible to say with 100% certainty.

2. The final version of Karnak's architecture IS based on KarnakEnterComplex. Test 1's Karnak Demo is called "KarnakEnterComplex.wld", as Karnak Demo is the same as the final Karnak. This is consistent with the real Karnak, as one of the entrances to it is where you start in the final Karnak and Karnak is actually called the Karnak Temple Complex.
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