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Default Re: Scrapped Serious Sam stuff and beta info

And since I'm on the subject, here's another post about some stuff I've found recently (mostly by reading the ASCII text in Test 1's Entities.dll):

- The Harpy uses the Revolver's message as a placeholder. I'm guessing they weren't finished with the Harpy's message when Test 1 was released, but used the Revolver's so the game wouldn't bug out when the player killed one. This is also why you don't get a notification for a new message after killing one for the first time. The game notices you already have the Revolver's message, so it doesn't play the notification, even though you've technically killed a Harpy for the first time.

- Strings for Scorematch exist in Test 1.

- Model names for the old Grenade Launcher and Laser Gun models exist in Test 1's Entites.dll.

- The Test 1 Entities.dll lists the Ghostbuster, Pipebomb and Flamethrower's model parts and textures in it, but they aren't in the final version's. Going by the info on Croteam's Facebook page that those weapons were already scrapped by the time Test 1 was released, my assumption is that they didn't rig it so that the compiler wouldn't try to precache the coding for the engine to support those resources when Test 1 was made, but did for the final version.

- The Test 1 .dll has info (like a list of sounds) for the deleted enemies, but the final version doesn't. Again, this is probably because they didn't tell the compiler not to precache the coding and data for those enemies in Test 1.

- The scrapped weapons have NETRISCA .txts. This could mean that those weapons survived to the point where NETRISCA was added, or they're just placeholders so that the game doesn't crash when the player gets one via something like a debug cheat, even though they were removed. Unless those files are released, we'll never know for sure which one is right.

- The deleted Monster variant of the Arachnoid had a NETRISCA .txt written for it.

- Around the time of Test 1, Ugh-Zan III was still based on his Minigun-using design, not the one in the final game.

- There are no references to Mental in Test 1's Entities.dll.

- The Minor Biomech had a NETRISCA .txt file written for it when Test 1 was compiled.

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