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Default Re: Shoop Nitpicking Contest

Originally Posted by Terminal Meltdown View Post
I'm laughing. Are you?
No, because you still haven't done anything funny. But nice catch.

Originally Posted by Terminal Meltdown View Post
This image keeps changing the word it defines, so I really can't respond to any of them.
Suffice to say, I'm rather apathetic to your underdeveloped opinions, so it doesn't really matter.

Originally Posted by Discy
Must have taken you a while to find that post. Congrats on wasting your time.
But if it didn't take you very long, you could also go look up the post in which I responded to that erroneous statement and addressed it's flaws and misconceptions.

Originally Posted by Louva-Deus View Post
So far I think TD might be winning this contest.
That's because you're a shit judge and obviously can't count.
1-1 does not declare a winner. He is tied with Mongo, atm.

*edit: Arguably, ECM is winning.

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