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Ohkay... Sorry for the necro bump post.

But, in the earlier non-workshop version, there is some sort of odd lighting issue with the beginning four rooms of the first map. The textures of everything but the architecture seem to be missing. For an example, when I go down into the water to get the secret, I can't see at all. The gun is a white texture, and then as I move forward, the enemies seemed normal, and I climbed out.

And then I came outside, into a blood bath. An absolute bathing in blood that was magnificent. I don't know if it's been changed or not, but it was well done. (A little hard the first two or three times, but I got it down pat now.) While it's hard for me, being a bit of an inexperienced near-decade Sam player, it's cleverly done. After the first outside fight, I climbed down the hill, and the Kleer attack was fun. A little easy, again, but, hey, it got better with the Bulls.

And then I died. And I died. But I couldn't find why, until I noticed that the Arachnoid Snipers were getting me. Some clever placements! Nicely done map, haven't gone back to finish it up.
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