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Default Re: Random questions thread

You mean to make the game show them up in it's levels selection menu?
You need to make some info files for it.
Save your level in the "~Content\SeriousSam3\Levels\'your episode name can be anything'\ "
Then you need to add a .nfo file in the same directory and the exact same name as your level, I.E if your level is called "MySpawn.wld" the info file should be called "MySpawn.nfo"
You can simply make a new file from Notepad, and then rename it from ".txt" to ".nfo"
Here are the contents of a basic .nfo file.
GAME_MODES="SinglePlayer; CooperativeStandard; Cooperative; CooperativeCoinOp; BeastHunt; TeamBeastHunt;"
NAME="TTRS:0_02_CairoMuseum.Name=Into the Spider's Nest"

This is the .nfo file for the Museum level.
"GAME_MODES" defines for what game modes your level will be displayed. The available modes are;
SinglePlayer; CooperativeStandard; Cooperative; CooperativeCoinOp; BeastHunt; TeamBeastHunt; Deathmatch; LastManStanding; LastTeamStanding; MyBurden; TeamDeathmatch; InstantKill; Survival; TeamSurvival;
"LOADING_SCREEN" seems to be obsolete as of Serious Sam 3
"NAME" , "0_02_CairoMuseum" is the real .wld level name, "=Into the Spider's Nest" Is the level name displayed in the SS3 game menu.
"THUMBNAIL" This is the icon displayed at the SS3 game menu.
"ETA" the level time bonus

The second .nfo file you need to make is for your episode.
Save that info file in the
"~Content\SeriousSam3\Levels\" folder, and name it like you named your episode folder.

It should contain;
It's pretty much the same thing as above.

Hope that helps.
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