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Default Re: [PROJECT]Serious Sam HD: Extended - Open Beta Testing (Open Beta 2 is OUT!)

Originally Posted by Solais View Post
SSXbox music will be used for completely new levels, with the exception of Palenque3; that will be used on Valley of the Jaguar, like in SSXbox (since in the original and in SSHD, the level uses the same music as Sierra de chiapas.)
It would be best if you will use Temple of Gilgamesh and Gates of Persepolis musics as well. They are one of the best Serious Sam 1 musics. Also, what will be the music of Valley of the Jaguar when you are inside??? Palenque2 or still the same music or the original music??? Add that ValleyCam music just like in Serious Sam XBox when you are already outside for the first time in the level... It fits on that scene...

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