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Default Re: Scrapped Serious Sam stuff and beta info

So I decided to see if there were any Lava Rock Gun leftovers in the SDK.

Here's a list of every projectile in, straight from the file:

And here's every gun listed in

Hmm, don't see any thing that could be related to the Lava Rocks Gun.

Hey, maybe I was wrong and the Air Elemental is in Serious Sam FE's files! Let's go take a look!

here's the directory showing every enemy model folder in the game. I don't see a specific one for the Air Elemental, but I did find an interesting one called "Elementals"!

Let's see what's in "Elementals"! I'm sure it's gotta be in there!

Whoops. Looks like the Air Elemental's model isn't in TFE's files either.

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