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Default Re: Scrapped Serious Sam stuff and beta info

Originally Posted by thekazuya0.60 View Post
Also -.-" you guy's are talking withouth prove you all want to play the beta of sam you guy's are commenting the work besides of helping me, we need just 1 modeler like serious alexej (the guy is the best) to make it faster and better we are just few guy's who are learning and working the whole time... so why would't you guy's help me in the remake and prove that you worth...
People would be willing to help you IF YOU SHOWED US WHAT YOU HAVE. This is not hard. Give us screenshots that show without a doubt you have cool stuff. Hell, why not leak some code to show you've found things like the Lava Rocks Gun. That'd be equally convincing as a trailer. Why would someone want to work on a project that could end up being a mish-mash of very blocky level remakes, photoshopped attempts at mimicking prototype material, and a resource or two from Croteam's archives they gave you so that you would just shut up and leave them alone?

Note: A picture of you chillin' in Karnak Demo's Ankh pool with a photoshopped Revolver is not a convincing screenshot. Show us something like a Pipebomb being thrown at Mantamen or a Lava Rocks Gun melting a Stone Elemental.
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