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Default Re: Scrapped Serious Sam stuff and beta info

also, i have fishman not mantaman we dont use photoshop we use programs which were actually for developers, we have few really advenced mapers and texture guy's, also i checked the glove and colt, they are fine it was really a light problem!

Originally Posted by Squadala View Post
I am trying to help you by showing that you've made mistakes. That way, your knowledge about the prototypes, and by extension, your work on your remakes, will be more accurate. Instead, you ignore me, give a flimsy excuse as to why I'm wrong, or say I'm jealous. I get the feeling you don't actually want help; you just want people praising you for being the #1 Serious Sam beta expert.
ok maybe i'm wrong i am going to do more attention of things you are talking, also i proved the colt it was realy about the lighting, and i want just 1 moddeler is it so hard we ahve maybe 1-2 models to make as i told you there are no bugs in our test 1 porting remake

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