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Default Re: Ir-Kalla (Serious Sam classic map project)

Originally Posted by PikaCommando View Post
If areas are too small, how do you plan on fixing it? Start all over again?
It's actually a complex and tedious procedure. First, I selected the sectors before the areas I wanted to replace, and copied them to a new world. This ensured the entities will remain (if you copy with entities, you can also only copy sectors) and I can put it back more easily.

Then I deleted all entities in the sectors that were to be replaced. The easiest path is selecting the sectors and pressing ctrl+A to select all entities, and delete them. Then I selected the sectors and deleted them. Now you can start fresh, build the new areas with the right proportions. Then the texturing, lighting, items, fights, the whole shebang. That I did.

Next I opened the temporary world I saved with the sectors from the original world (which makes it a brush) and do the same thing again. I select all the sectors and copied them with entities, then pasted them back in the original world. When you paste them back the mode block will change to red (because it copies as a brush which you can add to whatever you want), align it with the main base and add it to the main base again. This method ensures the different sectors remain intact while also adding it back to the main base, preventing headache.

The last and most important step is setting all the targets again that were lost during the copying process: Trigger targets, copier targets, spawner templates, etc. Now to only test for any bugs and the thing is done. This may be work intensive and tedious, but if you put some time into it it's the faster and better option.

Here's some dry theory: During sector copying with entities the targets will be lost because the target function doesn't use the entity name, but entity ID. That's why the target remains known even if you change the name and other properties. If you copy entities to a new world, the IDs will be different, so the entities that are copied over will only recognize the IDs of other entities that are copied over. If you copy two triggers that target each other to a new world they still target each other.
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