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Default Re: [PROJECT]Serious Sam HD: Extended - Open Beta Testing

Played from Hatshepsut to Tomb of Ramses and here are my thoughts so far :
  • The new look for Hatshepsut is pretty cool, as is the lore associated with the extra temples.
  • I would have liked to be able to actually enter the side temples. Perhaps move the key to one of them so that Sam has a reason to go there.
  • The lore tablets are a pretty great idea, adds even more to the immersion.
  • I like the callbacks to the SS3 versions of the enemies, however some associations are missing, like the Beheaded Rocketeers and the Juvenile Arachnoids and how Mental had the luxury of waiting till they're sufficiently grown before deploying them.
  • It would be nice for the first few levels to have the added extra enemy variations.
  • The extra props are cool, but they kind of stick out from the rest of the level scenes. The vases are uncharacteristically glossy. The extra crates as well as some of the vases are way too reddish. Maybe if you could dull the reflections, and try to blend in the colour from the surroundings, it would fit the look better.
  • There is a visibility glitch in Hatshepsut where if you open the door to the final room, then run back across the pool and rub up against the door going back, the entire level geometry appears to disappear leaving only the skybox and the terrain visible.
  • I experienced a crash when attempting to skip the end-of-level cutscene on Tomb of Ramses.

More thoughts are pending as I play through more of it.
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