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Default Re: [PROJECT]Serious Sam HD: Extended - Open Beta Testing

Oooo, Open Beta. As soon as I can start downloading Part 1, I'll start playing.

EDIT: Heh, Captcha for 5th Part was "Dry Run". Good foreshadowing Mediafire!

EDIT 2: I must be a special kind of retarded. I can't figure out what I did wrong. I've got like 5 ZZZZMOD_Extended_Pt1_OB1.gro in my contents folder. I can see Act 1 Episode 2 in Level Select, but not Episode 1. I've done something wrong, but I'm not savy enough to figure it out.

EDIT 3: Also, I'd like to note in Hatsheput, the Health Pack at the top of the ramp in front of the Time Lock has a red glow to it when looked at from a distance. I don't know if that's the Extended mod trying to get in or not, though.

EDIT 4: Nevermind, I'm just retarded. Didn't know I was supposed to only extract Part 1.rar.
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