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**** this preemptive strike.

bush is just a little whiney girl going after saddam, just because saddam tried to have his father assassinated.

now, as for the hunt for bin laden, he attacked us, go go for it dude, but as for saddam, things have gotten worse over there since desert storm, thanks to us.

we needed to think things through before rushing into things.

at least pre-desert storm, everyone in iraq had health care paid for by the state and living conditions were mediocre. things were ok, since then, the radiation and such has caused a skyrocket in infant mortality, among other things leading to other things.

if we could have just sent a few covert operatives over there to assassinate saddam and the others then we would have had a far better situation instead of a full blown war.

there is no need for a big clumsy war when a small team of specialists can slice into a situation and precisely handle it.

i agree the entire regime was evil, but if you took out thier leaders, what would they do? it would be chaos, and THEN the u.s. could step in and 'try to help' and recover what was slavagable over there, as opposed to killing countless innocents.

i believe in the sacrifice of 100 innocents to save 100 million, but only if there are no other options. there are tons of options other than war. then again, every war we ever had boosted the economy tenfold. but why hasnt this one? maybe because tenfold more people see no point in invading iraq?
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