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Originally Posted by Lupo
OK guys. I have read your opinions and I can accept them and respect them.
And here comes the part where you contradict yourself

Originally Posted by Lupo
But I must say that when this "Oil for Food" scandal is all said and done, you guys thinking that Bush was wrong over Iraq and the war on terror will be eating your words. The truth is that high level officials in the French and Russian governments, high ranking members of the UN including Kofi Annan's no. 2 man AND Kofi's son were profitting off of Saddam and the sanctions by making kickbacks and taking bribes. Terrorists were running around Iraq with impunity including Abu Nidal and Abu Assan. Sometimes I read what you guys post and I just roll my eyes and get a brian cramp at how truely UNinformed most of the posts are that get posted on these forums about such things.
Actually, I did already know this. That just means more people/countries other than Saddam are guilty.

Originally Posted by Lupo
Has anyone actually took the trouble to understand the military strategy of gaining forward deplyed positions in Iraq for fighting the war on terror? Let me see by taking Iraq what countries that support terrorism are effectively surrounded? Anyone care to guess? Furthermore anyone know that Iraq was a major crossroads for terrorists traveling the world to ply thier trade? Gee, what does removing the Hussein regime do to that?
Al Qaida are a rather streetsmart bunch. If Iraq is denied to them, they'll just go somewhere else. How long did their operatives live in America before 9/11? How long have we been chasing Bin Laden through the hills of Eastern Afghanistan/Western Pakistan and still not found him? The world is a big place and Bin Laden still has access to lots of cash.

Actually, Bin Laden is rather happy that Saddam is gone. One of his goals was the removal of Saddam and we have obliged him. The only question is will democracy stick or will it mutate into yet another fundamentalist regime? Gulf War III in 2040 anyone (only if it's a re-election year )?

Originally Posted by Lupo
What about all those "Oil for Food" kick backs that Saddam was getting and using to pay the families of suicide bombers and to fund terrorist traing camps in Iraq (they existed it's all on the record), including the one with the Boing 707 aircraft? Do ya think that maybe that lose of revenew could be hindering terrorism?
As long as people pull up to the local gas station and fill up their 10mpg SUVs with Middle Eastern petrol, money will slowly filter its way back to these people whether or not Saddam is around. If everyone drove an auto that got 40mpg, the US would not need to import any oil. Freedom begins at 40.

Originally Posted by Lupo
I'm just going to sit back and watch. It's gonna be real fun when all of you jaws drop when the truth comes out.
I have to do it..

You want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!
"So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."
- Padme Skywalker, Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith
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