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Default Re: Rakanishu's Showcase

i like the level design a lot, but what i'm wondering is why the skeleton statues' crotches are glowing

also, i've edited that netricsa document, in case you want to somehow reincorporate it


You’ve entered the old empire of the king Zahed ‘Bar.

Anyway, Mental has corrupted the temple in order to link all of the spatiotemporal teleporters. There are three such objects in the Solar System. You must find the one in Zahed ‘Bar’s Chamber, designated Rigel-04, which will lead you to the forgotten Skull Valley. Skull Valley is colloquially known as the area “Beyond the Waterfalls”, and is an old canyon within which Mayans have built their villages. Behind the mountains, there is a hidden place known as the Skygates.

From there, you’ll have to go to Egypt again (yes, I know), where you will find the second teleporter. It is situated within the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, which aligns with Sirius (yes, both of the first two are on Earth).

The last teleporter is on Mars, but don’t panic! Mental has linked them all, because when he first colonized Mars he needed to get access to Earth via a single teleporter. He has planned to kill all humans and then colonize Earth, after which he will move on to the entire Solar System, the Milky Way, and even the Universe! Anyway, the teleporter is located somewhere in Mental’s Mars stations, so be careful.

Mental has also planned to terraform Mars in order to increase the mobility of his minions, as most of them can’t survive the harsh atmosphere and must stay in protective domes. Remember that you’re a human, and you can’t survive it either, as serious as you are. Take care as to not leave the domes, as you’ll be killed instantly.

However, we shouldn’t forget our current objective, which is to get to Zahed ‘Bar’s chamber and find the Rigel-04 teleporter.

Good luck, Sam, and may the force be with you!
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