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Default Re: Top 10 most steam hours played

Holy shit I can't believe some of the playtimes in this thread, you guys need to get a life j/k. Anyway, this is my top 5, since that is about the extent of my noteworthy list:

1. Borderlands - 39 hrs
2. SpaceChem - 36 hrs (this reminds me, I need to play this game again)
3. Saints Row: The Third - 31 hrs
4. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood - 29 hrs
5. Sleeping Dogs - 29 hrs

I blame the pitiful figures on my backlogitis. I won't be distracted by multiplayer and replayability, I will plow through this list damnit! Though, I am sure I have hundreds of hours logged on Halo 3 and CoD:MW1. But that also came from a day when I didn't do much besides go to college and play video games
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